07 July 2013

920 Miles to Go

...but who's counting? According to google maps, we are now 923 miles from Tallahassee in Columbia, Missouri.  Next stop -Birmingham.

06 July 2013

Cross Country Move (v2013)

...is officially underway.  We are safe and sound in Cheyenne.  About 300 miles into Wyoming Little T said, "I guess Wyoming is starting to get kind of pretty."  No offense to any of the natives and sorry he's not sorry.

12 June 2013

Jack's skateboard: 2
Jack's right wrist: 0

Twice now he's fractured his wrist at the growth plate.  The bonus this time was that he ended up with some gnarly road rash across his face.  Can you guess what he's been doing during his convalescence?  Watching skate videos to improve his game.  To be honest I'm surprised this is only the second bone he's broken in this sport.  You should see him kick flip down a six stair.  It's impressive if not slightly heart-stopping for his mother.

26 May 2013

"Dear Tooth Fairy,

I lost a tooth.  What I mean is I can't find my lost tooth.

From, Tycen C-"

That's my boy.

24 March 2013

"She could be a model or a college professor, which is intimidating to a lot of guys."

Dwight K. Schrute

09 March 2013

The elder son decided it would be a good idea to melt crayons in the microwave.  As he spends his Saturday afternoon scraping and cleaning out the microwave to my specifications, I'm guessing he's regretting this decision.

28 February 2013

Since *someone* absconded to Connecticut with the laptop and I really needed to have a computer at my disposal for school work/perusing a variety of time-wasting websites, I texted one of the brothers with my requirements and budget.  The requirements I gave to my genius brother were as follows:

1.  A desktop.
2.  With no wires or extraneous cords (as I find them to be unsightly.)

Done and done.  I'm finding a great deal of delight in our new (to us) iMac.  Maybe this will inspire me to post something here more than once per quarter.  Maybe not.  The jury's still out on that one.